For those of you who often experience difficulty sleeping at night, you need to be vigilant because it could be caused by your cellphone or tablet. All this time you have asked me why I can’t sleep but have not found the answer. Though so far many people who experience sleep disturbances due to the influence of a cellphone or tablet that is on. This is precisely not realized and even cell phones or tablets are often used before bed.

The research show that the screen light from cellphones and tablets that are lit can cause a disturbance in the sleep cycle of a person’s body. If the closer the screen light is to your face, then you can have trouble sleeping at night. This is also further strengthened by the research in New York which states that exposure to light tablets can reduce the hormone levels of melanin in the body to reach 23%.

You need to know that melanin is a natural substance in the body that is useful to help someone to fall asleep. In addition, melanin also tells the body when the surrounding conditions are dark and becomes a signal for sleep. If you want to avoid the problem of insomnia due to cellphones and tablets, the method is very easy. That is by not seeing or playing gadgets before bedtime. If you are not waiting for an important call, you should keep your gadget away from the bed.

If you don’t want to turn off your gadget then there are easy suggestions that you can do. The suggestion is to hold the gadget as far as 14 inches from your eyes. Also, use the highest brightness so you fall asleep faster. Because the level of melanin will decrease if the eyes are exposed to the light above 30 luxes.

With this distance of 14 inches, only the iPhone 3G can light up to 30 luxes. If the other devices are lowered the level of information then you can keep the face and the device close without worrying about having trouble sleeping. Make sure you use the gadget wisely so as not to disrupt your sleep cycle which can have a health hazard.

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