At present, the trend of minimalist homes is indeed being targeted by many people. The minimalist homes can save land while saving development costs. But minimalist homes tend to have narrow spaces in them. Even so, the room is still comfortable for its residents. For those who want to apply wallpaper in a narrow room in a minimalist house, then make sure to choose the right wallpaper wall design.

wallpaper wall design

When you choose a wallpaper wall design for a narrow room it will be a little difficult compared to a spacious room. For the beginners  who do not have experience choosing wallpapers for narrow rooms, then there are the following way of reviews.

  1. Be sure to choose the motif that you like because as a house occupant you crave home decor that fits in the heart and according to the area of ​​the room will provide a sense of comfort while in it.
  2. Look for motif inspiration and wallpaper colors first through the internet and do not immediately choose it in the store. Because you can have a picture of the desired motif and is it suitable for a narrow room.
  3. Print the design you like then please try sticking it on the wall then please see if the wallpaper motif matches the theme of your room.
  4. Consider the lighting problem and make sure the color of the wallpaper will give a wide impression on the room both in dark and bright conditions.
  5. Pay attention to the size of the wallpaper for both height and width so that it is easier for you to place it.
  6. If you still feel doubtful, please try wallpaper with a simple pattern and if the results are not satisfactory then you can take it off.
  7. Balance the wallpaper with your room furniture. Choose a wallpaper that is similar but not so in contrast to the color of the furniture. Make sure the furniture is neat and neatly arranged so that when combined with wallpaper it will look more beautiful.

Thus an explanation of how to choose the wallpaper for a narrow room that can be your consideration. By applying the information above, you can now find it easier when choosing the wallpaper for small spaces so that the room remains beautiful and more comfortable.

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