Relax At Home With Android Games

To fill in while waiting to break the fast, playing games is one of the interesting solutions. Looking for a free download games for android mobile phone that is suitable to be played while ngabuburit with other names waiting to break the fast? There are many!

On the Google Play Store, there are many Android games, and most of them are free games. But not all of them are suitable to be friends with Ngabuburit.

There are several relaxing games you can play while taking your time. Although relaxed, but some of these games make you know.

Here are five relaxing Android games for to accompany you on ngabuburit. Although the game is free but it’s always fun.

A Girl Adrift

It is said that the world has been submerged in seawater, and you play a girl who is adventuring with her raft.

In A Girl Adrift you can fish to get lots of items. And can travel from one region to another.

The fun thing is in A Girl Adrift. You can dress up these girl traits in cute costumes. Also, customize the raft with various accessories.

How does it feel to be a bus driver? Try it in the Android Bus Simulator Indonesia game. You can drive a bus to get around the area.

As the name suggests, this free game adds familiar buses on the streets of Indonesia. And you can also run this bus modification.

This game can be played casually, while enjoying the surrounding scenery. Those who need the bus can safely reach the target on time.

Super Phantom Cat 2

It’s not without reason that this super cute game is one of the Editor’s Choice on the Google Play Store. In addition to the cute design, including exciting games.

Super Phantom Cat 2 is a casual type of Android game with additional platformer games. Some levels that challenge your must pass.

Due to its colorful design, and cute characters, and addicting levels, Super Phantom Cat 2 is suitable to accompany ngabuburit.

PvZ Plants vs Zombies

Plant vs Zombie, or abbreviated as PvZ, is one of the legendary games. Although there is a new version, the classic version is always fun.

You can still find PvZ Android games on the Google Play Store as free games. No doubt this game is fun and addicting.

You are asked to build a defense from zombies using a variety of plants. Uniquely, each plant has its own advantages.

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